We AllRide is a video platform that that will allow everyone to compete in dressage competitions from across the world at different levels.

We offer a new way of Equestrian Competition. The flexibility of this system offers riders more freedom and a more relaxed ride; they don’t have to leave their home, they send in the video with their test. This benefits the horses as well.  Our active, hands-on customer approach leverages our entrepreneurial, marketing and Equestrian expertise.

At WeAllRide, we partner with brands to increase our chance of success.

We launched in 2019 and during the first lockdown in 2020 we grew fast. Our current customers regularly send their video’s in. We want to change the current way of Equestrian competition by offering a customer friendly competition to be ridden at home, not only in The Netherlands, but also in other countries.

Our business & Equestrian mission

We rent out our platform, a new way of connecting to members and an income for clubs and associations.

Digital transformation in the Equestrian world with a customer friendly online approach.

Innovative platform & technology of processes.

Social, local and mobile, we’re Strava of the Equestrian world

Your benefits

  • Your own branded online competition.
  • Added value for your members.
  • State of the art and easy to use platform.
  • Extra income.
  • Your own jury can judge the tests through video, but we have Dutch dressage jury available as well.
  • Customer care software and training.
  • The competitors can ride your own tests and we have alternative tests available for you to use.

Who are we?

Rens Plandsoen

She has 20 years experience as an entrepreneur. Since 1999 active in the digital agency business. She was the CEO of the Dutch Federation for one year in 2016.

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Renée de Graaf

Since 2000 an expert in horse training and dressage. From 2003, she started an HR consultancy agency with HR projects for justice dep, child care, gym, Vet’s. She was for one year the Dutch Federation’s head of education.

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Our strength


Our platform “glues” people and their horse together. We offer unique services  that connects Dutch Dressage Jury and riders.

24/7 support

Organize your own online competition.

Platform can be branded in your organization style.

Customer care, Technical support and Jury training available.

Dutch jury

Our Dutch dressage jury is unique in the world. Their view on dressage is one of our USP’s. We trained our jury specially for online judging.


A new way of competition to offer your members. We bring the competition to people who could not participate before.

You can offer your own dressage tests to your members.

We also developed our own dressage tests from the following levels: Novice, Elementary, Medium, Advanced Medium, Advanced. Off course is also possible to let competitors ride your tests. Together we can design a competition that fits with your wishes for it.

Would you like to organise an online competition? Take a look at our website for more information and contact the founders through e-mail: