Online competition regulations

Categories and levels
No matter what your level is, there’s always a competition that suits you. If you’re an equestrian but don’t own your own horse, start at category 1. This is so we can see how you handle your pony or horse. The different levels within category 1 are:

  • Prelim1 
  • Prelim2
  • Prelim3
  • Prelim4
  • Prelim5

If you are an individual competition rider, you can opt for category 2. The levels within this category are:

  • Novice
  • Elementary
  • Medium
  • Advanced Medium
  • Advanced

If you are disabled and you ride at an equestrian centre for adaptive horse riding, please choose category 3. The levels within this category are:

  • G1, with supervision
  • G2, without supervision
  • G3, with supervision
  • G4, without supervision
  • G5, without supervision

The competitions
At WeAllRide, anyone can compete – no matter your age. 

On average, there will be 1 competition every two months for several categories. What you’ll be tested on depends on the competition. 


How to participate
Sign up for a competition on our website. You can enter as many times as you like, with multiple horses. If you are entering with a new horse, be sure to add a new combination. For each combination, the highest score counts as your ranking score.


Applicable regulations
When competing in WeAllRide’s Online Competitions, you’ll need to adhere to the WeAllRide General Competition Regulations, which are supplemented with the Online Competition Regulations. The FEI Dressage Rules & Regulations apply to anything not covered in these regulations.


How it works
To compete, you’ll need to enter using the WeAllRide app. Download it from in the App Store or Google Play Store. It works as follows:


  • Create an account
  • Fill out your name and username – you can change it whenever you like
  • Agree to the terms & conditions
  • Enter your horse and your passport details (please double-check)
  • Choose your category
  • Choose your level
  • Ride the test and have someone film it
  • Choose which competition you want to enter, please take notice which test to ride. Every competition can have different tests assigned per level.
  • Pay the € 15 entry fee using Stripe payment
  • Select your best video and upload it before the closing date of the competition
  • If your video meets the requirements, you will receive the competition protocol and feedback from the jury within 48 hours
  • Is this your first time competing? You can choose to become member of the NDE Club for the amount of € 15 per year


Apparel guidelines
For your own safety, wearing a certified safety helmet is mandatory.

When you’re riding a test, please wear the following outfit. For detailed clothing regulations, consult appendix 1.

  • Certified safety cap in colour of choice
  • Long hair should be worn in a bun or braid
  • Breeches in colour and fabric of choice
  • Upper clothing must be flat whilst riding, in colour and fabric of choice
  • Riding boots or jodhpurs with mini-chaps
  • Gloves (colour of choice) are optional

In some competitions, a price will be awarded to the best dressed combination.


For all regulations concerning tack, please consult appendix 2


Ride in the right arena
Please ride your tests in a standard 20m x 40m arena. You’re only allowed to ride your test in a 20m x 60m arena when this is explicitly mentioned on the protocol of the test.


Video requirements
Your video should adhere to the following requirements in order for you to compete:

  1. Camera angle is behind C outside of the arena
  2. For the duration of the test, both horse and rider are completely visible. Keep the combination within the 3×3 grid while filming
  3. Footage is filmed in landscape view (hold your smartphone horizontally while filming) 
  4. Footage is evenly lit throughout the entire video
  5. Footage is smooth and steady
  6. Both horse and rider are clearly visible (not blurry)
  7. The video must be one continuous shot. Editing is not allowed

Rider and horse should be clearly visible at all times – so make sure you always shoot full frame.


Riding for fun and prizes
Of course, we are all in it for the fun. But what’s more fun than winning a prize? Each competition will have different prizes you can win, ranging from cash prizes to gifts and goodies. We’ll reveal the prizes when the new competitions are listed. Approximately 1 in 5 participants will win a prize.


Our EJ prizes
Discount once and only online valid when spending from 25, – excl. Shipping costs. Valid on the entire range, with the exception of QHP Online only items, selected Eskadron items, gift certificates, rental and special orders. Not valid in combination with other promotions / discount coupons and offers. When you place an order that consists of several articles, we distribute the discount amount to ratio on the items ordered by you. If you cancel or return an item, the discount on that item will expire. Typos and model changes reserved.

During the competition, all rankings will be displayed in the app, including the final scores. If you are one of the winners, you will receive your prize by mail on your home address. 

All gaits
In your tests, you’ll be asked to show the following gaits. As you progress through the levels, the gaits will become more challenging. Please consult appendix 3 for a more detailed explanation of all gaits.

  1. Walk: collected walk, medium walk and extended walk
  2. Trot: collected trot, working trot, medium trot and extended trot
  3. Canter: collected canter, working canter, medium canter, extended canter and counter canter

Challenging figures
In your tests, you’ll be asked to show the following figures. Please consult appendix 4 for a more detailed explanation of all figures.

  1. Circles
  2. 10-meter volt
  3. 8-meter volt 
  4. Serpentine
  5. Diagonal change of hand
  6. Change of hand while riding an S-figure 
  7. One loop 10-meter in from track
  8. Shallow 5-meter loop in from track


Educational exercises
Please consult appendix 5 for detailed explanation of all exercises.

  1. Halt (& salute)
  2. Give and retake the reins
  3. Überstreichen
  4. Rein back
  5. Leg yielding
  6. Shoulder in
  7. Travers
  8. Half-pass
  9. Half-turn on the haunches
  10. Flying change
  11. Simple change
  12. Quarter & half pirouette


Level of difficulty

For example in category 2, the level of difficulty will steadily rise as you progress through out the levels, as does the level of judging. Where at the Novice level the balance of your horse may still be a little bit horizontal, at the Advanced level there should be a clear uphill balance. The higher your level, the more challenging the exercises will be. But no matter your level, the most important aspect of every assessment will be how you and your horse relate and work together.  


WeAllride reserves the right to check on random basis if the rider abides by the rules of WeAllRide. If the rider does not do so, WeAllRide is entitled to exclude the rider from the competition.

These regulations are the intellectual property of BV. It is strictly forbidden to issue or copy any of these documents, materials, logos & branding in any form without the prior written consent of BV. The FEI Dressage Rules & Regulations apply to anything not covered in these regulations.