Online Armed Forces Nations League UK – NL

Online Armed Forces Nations League UK-NL

WeAllRide is a Netherlands (NL) online dressage website. This platform is being used as the online choice for an Armed Forces Nations League UK-NL dressage competition and is open to all Military riders of the British and Dutch Armed Forces.

Armed Forces Dressage Nations League, powered by WeAllRide.

Armed Forces Nations League UK-NL

Is an online dressage league where riders will compete over a 3 month period. Riders are invited to ride at a level that is similar to what they ride in the UK.  The competition is one large class were riders will compete at different levels for own national league positions (there is not a separate league for each level).

There will be 3 qualification rounds with one test being open for one month each.

Your top 2 scores from these qualifications will be taken forward and averaged out, this will give a final percentage score. This score will then place you on an individual National league table. Your lowest score will be discounted and if you can only competed in 2 rounds both these scores will be used.

How to enter

Entering is real easy. Select the level which suits you best. Scroll down to download the tests or you can click here  Tests 

Ride the test and have yourself filmed from C outside the arena (landscape mode).

Create an account  Register

When logged in you can click on Enter  and select the competition Armed Forces Nations League UK-NL. There you can select the level you want to enter in.  

During the entering proces you can upload your video. If you don’t have the video at hand, no problem, you can always upload this later in your personal account. 

Within 48-hours you will receive your score sheet with feedback and advice form our jury


Qualification tests will be judged by certified NL dressage judges. All dressage tests used throughout the competition are provided by WeAllRide.

After the three qualification rounds the top 5 individuals of each National League (UK and NL) will form a National Team and go forwards to the Championships to be screened at the end of June via an online event. The Championship test will be recorded in Jun and will be scored by both UK and NL judges the average of which will be the individuals’ final score.


National Teams will be made up of 5 riders and each will ride an individual test for their Team. The top 4 scores will be taken forward and the lowest score will be discounted. Scores will be averaged and the overal winner is the team with the highest average score.

There will be an overall ranking at the end of each qualification round.

Qualification Round Tests

Qualification tests are below, you can download the test free of charge.

Qualification round 1 – March 15 – April 14

Novice – Test 1

Elementary – Test 1

Medium – Test 1

Advanced Medium – Test 1

Advanced – Test 1

Qualifcation Round  2 – April 15 – May 14

Novice – Test 2

Elementary – Test 2

Medium – Test 2

Advanced Medium – Test 2

Advanced – Test 2

Qualification Round 3 – May 15 – June 14

Novice – Test 3

Elementary – Test 3

Medium – Test 3

Advanced Medium – Test 3

Advanced – Test 3

The test for the championship will be published in May prior to the Championship in June.

Entering Qualification rounds

When entering in a qualification round of the Armed Forces Nations League UK-NL the entering fee is € 15,- per submitted video. WeAllRide donates € 1,- *of all entries to ParaPaard, a foundation for mentally and/or physically disabled riders. 

Entering Championship

The entree fee for the Final is set on € 25,- per submitted video. Again WeAllRide donates € 1,- to ParaPaard, Foundation for mentally and/or physically disabled riders.


You can send a message via our Live Chat on our website or via

our WhatsApp customer service: +31 6 26949312