International Cat 2 Individual Dressage Competition

For all riders who can train on daily base

When you have the ability to own a horse that you can train on a daily base this category will suit you best. In Category 2 you can show your level and aim for promotion to a higher level. We have 5 levels: Novice, Elementary, Medium, Advanced Medium, Advanced.

The judgement is set on the harmony between you and your horse. The higher the level, the stricter you will be judged.

How to enter?

Joining this International Competition is easy. Find the best suited level for you and your horse. Click here for the International Dressage Tests.

In level Prelim 1 there are simple exercises especially designed for walk and trot. Easy to understand by children. Young riders can ride this test individually or they can be on a lead rope with someone walking besides them.

Ride the test at home and have yourself filmed from C outside the arena with a smartphone. Click here for the video requirements

Register  and create an account on our platform

Enter here and upload your video on the platform.

Within 48-hours you will receive your protocol full of jury remarks and personal advise.

International Competition Period & Leaderboard

The international competitions are open for a period of two months each. Unless stated otherwise. Within a competition period you can enter as much as you wish. If you enter more than once within a same level, your highest score will show on the leaderbord.


Within 5 days after the closing date of the competition the final results will be published on our leaderbord.

Alle winners will receive a personal e-mail with their prize information.

We wish you all good luck and hope you enjoy our International Competition!

Kind regards,
The WeAllRide Team