How to make a good video?

How to make a good video

Making a good video is not self-evident for everyone. We are happy to explain here what the video must meet and how you can achieve it.


The camera position is behind C outside the arena.
The horse and riders are in full view throughout the test, so follow the horse with the camera when it passes on the short side at C
The smartphone is in a horizontal position during filming
The image has a constant color
The image is smooth and constant in movement
The horse and rider are clearly in the picture
The video is filmed in one piece
You can zoom in, but at least ¾ of the arena must remain visible
The best size of the file is 200 MB because of upload

Also, both the rider and the horse must be clearly visible, so no silhouettes, but a complete image.

Filmed with iPhone?

In the latest version of iOS, Apple has made an adjustment to the way videos are made. As a result, it is no longer possible to view the videos on any other device.

For an iPhone to make videos in a format that other devices can also read, the following must be set.

Go to setup on iPhone> then Camera> Formats and Most Compatible

If a movie is made with an iPhone, this movie can be opened on other devices.


Put your device in flight mode during filming. This is because when you receive a call, your device will stop filming and you will have to start the test all over and film.
Before filming, change your camera settings to the lowest possible resolution, so that your video file is not much larger than 200 MB.

If it is still not possible to get the file smaller than 500 MB, please send an email to stating: name and order number.

We wish everyone a lot of fun and good luck with the competition!

The WeAllRide Team