The most frequently asked questions in a row

Great that you are thinking about joining our competition! Below you will find the most frequently asked questions to our customer service and the answers. We wish you a lot of fun and success!

The WeAllRide Team

Do I have to become a member before I can participate?

No, at WeAllRide you do not have to be a member of anything to participate in our online competitions.

Would you like to participate in one of our live events? Then you automatically become a member of our association NdeClub for FREE. With this you participate in a “mutual competition” of NdeClub organized by WeAllRide.

Will I always receive my protocol back within 48 hours?

When you submit your video at the start of the competition period, you will always receive your video assessment within 48 hours. If you submit your video at the last minute, so on the day that the competition closes, for example on the 30th of the month, it will take a little longer than usual. We will keep you informed by email when the scoreboard is final.

I don't live in the Netherlands, can I participate?

Yes you can!

When your payment method is not in our shop you can then register with the discount code:

After that you can transfer the payment manually to:
NL29 KNAB 0257 4539 70 in the name of WeAllRide BV.

Please mention the registration number as a description when transferring.

Do I need a special entry card to join?

No, at WeAllRide you do not need a special entry card. You pay per video and there are no hidden costs.

How are the results tracked?

We use a% score like the international federations do. We register the results in our own registration system.

How does the leaderboard works?

When the jury has judged your video, your protocol will appear on your personal page. When the protocol is published there, the score is published on the leaderboard. Our leaderboard is therefore dynamic, your ranking can change from one moment to the next.

Have a look at the leaderboard

Can I also participate in the Advanced class with my pony?

Yes, if you participate in the Advanced class as a pony rider, you can replace the flying canter change with a simple canter change. The jury is aware of this and then assesses the simple canter change.

How does the promotion system work?

We apply the following rules regarding promotion to higher class:

For Class P1, P2, Novice and Elementary, Para1, Para2, N1, N2:

  • If you have participated at least 3x a score of 63% or more in the same class with the same horse, we believe that you have mastered the class more than sufficiently and you could therefore be ready for a higher class, but this is not an obligation.
  • If you have ridden 3x a score of 73% or more in the same class with the same horse, we think you have shown that you are really ready for higher class. In the context of “fair game” you will receive an email from us with the request to make the switch.

For Class P3, P4, P5, Medium, Advanced, Medium, Advanced, Para3, Para4, Para5, N3 the above limits are at least 3x 68% and at least 3x 78%.

My file is quite large, can I upload it?

The ideal size for uploading the file is 120 MB.

Is your file bigger?

We have devised something clever for that; first send the video to our whatsApp number; 06 26949312.

WhatsApp automatically makes the video smaller. Then try to send the video via the registration page. If it still does not work, please contact our customer service, we will be happy to help you.

We are available during the week from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm and on the weekend from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. AMST Time zone

What time can I submit my video on the last day of the competition?

When the competition closes on the last day of the month, submit your video before 6:00 PM on that day.

When your video arrives via our system, it will automatically be forwarded to the jury. If we receive your video before 18:00, the juries can start watching your video that evening.

Do you need help submitting your video?

Our customer service is available by chat on the site, whatsApp, messenger and Insta DM. During the week from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm and on the weekend from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.

How often can you submit a video?

You can enter as often as you want.

If you submit a video several times within 1 competition period, we will include your highest score in the ranking. So today you are number 1 in our ranking and tomorrow you might see that you have dropped to number 3, you can drive the test again and enter again. Maybe you will be number 1 again on the day after tomorrow!

Is competition clothing mandatory?

No, this is not mandatory with us. We use the following dress code:

  • Safety riding helmet (certified) in color of your choice
  • Hair worn in bun or braid
  • Breeches in color and design of your choice
  • Outerwear that does not flutter while riding, design and color of your choice
  • Riding boots or jodhpurs with minichaps in the color of your choice
  • Gloves are allowed, but not required, in the color of your choice

How should I film?

Below you will find tips on how to best film:

  1. Camera position is behind C outside of the arena;
  2. The horse and the riders are shown in full in the middle section of the 3 × 3 grid throughout the test;
  3. The smartphone is in horizontal position during filming;
  4. Set your phone to airplane mode during filming, otherwise filming will stop when you receive a call;
  5. The video has a constant color;
  6. The video is smooth and constant in movement;
  7. The horse and rider are clearly in focus;
  8. The video was filmed in one piece;
  9. You can zoom in, but at least ¾ of the arena must remain visible;
  10. Both the rider and the horse must be clearly visible, so no silhouettes, but complete images.

Can the arena be larger or smaller than 20x40?

All our tests are developed for a 20×40 arena.

Is your arena bigger? Then you can make it smaller with a self made boarder and move the letters or work with separate letters.

Is your arena smaller? In principle, we do not consider this to be a problem, provided that the welfare of the horse is not compromised during the riding of the test. By that we mean, keep assessing objectively whether you can still ride the exercises well within the physical capabilities of your horse / pony. Remember that it is more difficult for you and your horse / pony to ride in a smaller arena. This cannot be taken into account in the jury’s assessment.

Do I have to braid my horse?

No, this is not mandatory with us, provided that the loose mane does not fall over the rider’s hands while riding. The jury must have sufficient visibility to be able to judge properly.

Are extra support reins allowed?

We believe that an adult regular rider does not need side-reins, martingales or other training reins besides the regular ones. We would like to see that you can let your horse run freely.

We make an exception for riders with a physical disability. They may use a special rein or handle on the rein if necessary.

The other exception applies to young pony riders. Their emphasis is on correct posture and independent sitting of the rider. If necessary, children from 6 to 8 years old can ride with us with the help of an additional side-rein with a flexible adapter (rubber ring). The pony must be able to hold the head with his nose in front of the perpendicular without pressure on the side-rein.

I ride bitless, can I participate?

Yes, riding with a bitless bridle is allowed in all categories and classes. Check our online competition rules to see which sort of bitless bridles we have specified for you.

How does the payment work?

Submitting a video for a regular WeAllRide competition costs € 15,-.

In case of Special competitions, this price can be different.

When you register for a competition you can pay via creditcard or iDeal. This is a safe way to make the payment.

When the payment is successful, you will be redirected to the page where you can upload your video.

You will receive the corresponding invoice from us directly by email.

Is there something wrong with the payment? Please contact our Whatsapp customer service +31 6 26949312 AMST Time zone or send an email to info@weallride.org. Our teams are ready to help you.

Can I ride with ear hoods?

Fly caps? Fine. Whatever color you want. Also with noise reduction. What is not allowed: cover the horse’s eyes with an ear hood or attach it to the noseband.

You can read more about it here: tack of the horse

Are my points registered?

We operate our own registration system. We are not linked to other registration systems.

Can I ride with leg protection?

It is difficult for the video jury to judge whether the leg protection is used correctly. For safety reasons the horse is therefore not allowed to wear leg protection. You can learn more about it Harnachement of the horse lezen.

Who actually owns my submitted video?

The video you submit to the jury is yours! Without your permission, WeAllRide will never use your video for training purposes or other promotions.

From which country can the riders actually participate?

You can participate in any competition from any country. We also have the tests available in English and our jury also writes the comments in English.

How does the jury pay attention to the gaits?

The jury will evaluate the gaits by looking closely at the stroke, the relaxation, the position, the impulse, the balance of the horse and, when requested, the collection.

How does the jury view how you ride the figures?

Read more pagina how does the jury evaluate the figures.

We have an information video about the exercises in the different classes.

Can I ride with a whip and spurs?

Whips are only allowed in the levels ‘Novice’ and ‘Intermediate’.

Think about the horses welfair:

  • Spurs are not compulsory and if worn, must be made of metal.
  • The shank must be either curved or straight pointing directly back from the centre of the spur when on the riders’ boot.
  • The arms of the spur must be smooth and blunt.
  • If rowels are used, they must be blunt/smooth (no sharp edges) and free to rotate.
  • Metal spurs with round hard plastic knobs are allowed.
  • “Dummy” spurs with no shank are also allowed.

The total maximum length of a whip is one meter and twenty (1.20 m) for pony competitions the maximum length is one meter (1 m).

You can read everything about the rider’s clothing