Important information:

Here you can enter International Dressage Competitions only.

You can submit 1 test per registration. Unfortunately, if you do more than 1 test per registration, the system cannot process them correctly and you will not receive a protocol.

On the last day of registration, all videos must be received by 6:00 pm, so that the jury has enough time to assess the protocols.

When you submit your video at the start of the competition period, you will always receive your video assessed within 48 hours. If you submit your video at the last minute, so on the day that the competition closes, eg on the 30th of the month, it will take a little longer than usual. We will keep you informed when the scoreboard is final by email.

Click the button below and see how to film and how to set the camera correctly so that uploading is easier.


How to make a suitable video

Armed Forces Nations League UK-NL

Levels: Novice, Elementary, Medium, Advanced medium, Advanced

For riders from the Armed Forces in UK and NL

FR Neckrope International Competition

Levels: N1 (walk & trot only), N2, N3

International Online Competition