The top of the Dutch dressage jury is ready for you

How to enter?

Step 1. First, choose the level where you best fit.

Cat 2: As an individual competition rider you can train with your own horse or pony every day. There are 5 classes:

  • Novice
  • Elementary
  • Medium
  • Advanced Medium
  • Advanced

Step 2. Create a profile on the site here   Register

Step 3. Enter the class that suits you best, pay the registration fee (25 euros per submitted video)


Step 4. Practice the test of your choice and make a video.

Step 5. Send the video to the jury via your profile page.

Step 6. Within 48 hours you will receive your protocol on your page, your score will also be on the leaderboard, provided you have put your profile on public.

Step 7. When you have won a prize you will receive an email from us or from our partner.

Win beautiful prizes

At WeAllRide you can enter competitions at every level. Our competition period has a maximum of 2 months. The number 1 till 3 win great prizes. So send in your best video. Because if you win, you can shop for yourself, your horse or your pony in an online shop for riders. All right!

Our mission

Together we will make the equestrian sport even more fun and more accessible. For everyone who loves horses and ponies. Because you just ride your test at your own accommodation. An independent Dutch jury evaluates your video and gives you positive feedback. Without needing a special club card for each horse or the cost of transport. That means less stress, lower costs, and much more fun. All right!

Ride in a familiar environment

For WeAllRide Competitions you do not have to make long distance trips. Only fun rides. At a location that is familiar to you and your horse or pony. So you still have the thrill of a competition, but without the stress. Just enjoy. All right!